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An AirBoat Ride – The Experience Of A Lifetime

When one hears of the “Everglades”, the picture of a swamp filled with large snakes and alligators might immediately come to mind. In reality, however, the Everglades is a masterpiece of nature at its best, as it boasts a plethora of wondrous flora and fauna. Along with an amicable climate and amazing ocean currents, the Everglades is America’s only sub-tropical wilderness and makes for the perfect destination for your family and friends.

The natural beauty of the Everglades is sure to appeal to visitors of all ages. After all, what’s not to love about this wonderful place? Its plentiful wildlife, along with a variety of interesting activities offered around the area, makes the Everglades a hidden gem in Florida. Of course, the best way to see and experience the wildlife here is through boat and airboat rides.

See the Everglades and Wildlife from an airboat with Jungle Erv’s Everglades Airboat Tours!

Jungle Erv’s airboat rides in the Everglades is one of the original Everglades airboat tours in Florida Jungle Erv’s family dates back to the 1800s. The family grave site on the island of Fakahatchee is maintained by the national park. Decades later, Jungle Erv’s Everglades Airboat Tours is still the best way to experience and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Florida Everglades.

Jungle Erv’s Big Idea

When Jungle Erv was a lad, his dad hunted gator. This provided money and food for the family. His mother traded with the native Indians for the deer meat.

Jungle Erv was the only child in first grade. He attended the one room school house on the island of Chokoloskee.

As Jungle Erv grew up, he developed a deep love and respect for the environment he grew up in. Experiencing the beauty of the Everglades each and every single day, he soon came to believe that other people should experience this beauty for themselves as well. And that’s when the idea came to him to provide Everglades airboat rides for everyone.


Our tours here at Jungle Erv’s allow you to explore the different sides of the amazing Florida Everglades, and you have the choice of what you want to see! Whether you’re after the rich wildlife or the wondrous mangroves in the Everglades, there’s an airboat tour that’s perfect for you and your family.

Jungle Erv’s Wilderness Ride:

There’s more than what meets the eye, especially in the Florida Everglades. At first glance, you might think that you’ve seen everything there is to see in the Everglades. You’ll be surprised, however, at the marvelous sights and heart-pounding experiences offered by Jungle Erv’s Wilderness Ride. Here, you can take part of the Everglades’ wild side and see animals in their natural habitats with your very own eyes.

The wilderness ride offers you an opportunity to go only where Jungle Erv’s airboats can penetrate the Everglades. Please do not let wildlife be your only factor for an airboat ride. The captain guides do everything they can to help you find alligators, birds and to educate you about the Everglades.
Conservation is a huge part of the lessons you will learn from the tour guides of our airboat rides in Everglades City, FL. Almost half of the world’s old mangrove forest have disappeared, and we at Jungle Erv’s Everglades City airboat tours want to make sure there’s still plenty of Everglades boat tours for the future generation to experience.

Jungle Erv’s Mangrove Canopy Ride or Tunnel Rides:

The term “mangrove” is used to describe several species of salt-tolerant trees that can thrive despite the harsh growing conditions of the coast. Several species of mangroves are present in the Everglades. The stilt-like red mangroves, for instance, and the white mangroves call the Everglades their home.

Mangrove forests actually play a large role in the ecosystem. These mangroves often play host to a variety of marine species and, during the dry months, wading birds searching for nests and food. During the summer months, mangrove forests are helpful as the first line defense against strong winds and storm surges caused by hurricanes.

Have you ever seen a mangrove forest? The mangrove canopy tour will take you deep into the Florida Everglades where you can enjoy an enchanting experience with nature. You’ll see how branches and roots intertwine in complex beauty. The State of Florida is home to three mangroves species in all, particularly the red, white, and black variety. The one you’ll probably see the most is the red mangrove, as it is the most common in the state.
Aside from mangroves, you’ll see a lot unique flora, Native American artifacts, and if you’re lucky, some gators! Our captains grew up with the alligators and they are some of the best guides in the Everglades.

See Live Alligators!

Here at Jungle Erv’s, we offer more than airboat rides! We also offer our visitors the experience of a lifetime with our Alligator Show and Exhibit!

In the U.S., alligators are found along southeast Oklahoma and east Texas, all the way to Florida. Though they can be found in brackish water habitats, alligators prefer fresh water lakes and slow-moving rivers. Female alligators can reach up to 10 feet in length, while males can grow much larger. In fact, the largest alligator in Florida grew up to 14 feet and 3-1/2 inches.

One interesting fact about these alligators is that they are ectothermic: they rely on external sources of heat to regulate their body temperature. They do so by basking under the heat of the sun or moving to areas with warmer or cooler temperatures. Alligators are often dormant throughout the winter season, and are at their most active during warmer months.

All tickets include Jungle Erv’s  special Alligator Show and Exhibit. The alligator show has several live alligators who perform for your viewing pleasure. Learn a lot of interesting facts about these interesting creatures, and you’ll even appreciate them even more. If you’re daring enough, you can even interact with these alligators and hold them with your own hands!

If you’d like to see part of the Everglades history, then you want to be sure to take one of Jungle Erv’s airboat rides and tours. The boat captains, native to the area, have a vast knowledge of the everglades and tell many interesting stories of events taking place there everyday. Parts of the Jungle Erv’s properties were built in l984 by Jungle Erv and the Seminole Indians, and they show great way to appreciate the beauty of the Florida Everglades. Here, you can see the black mangrove tree crab and different species of snakes, manatees, and local bird life. Make sure that you bring your camera, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to see these amazing animals!

Why Jungle Erv’s?

When it comes to exploring the natural beauty of the Florida Everglades, Jungle Erv’s is the name that you can trust. After all, we are one of the original airboat tours in the Everglades, and we make it our priority to make your tours memorable. Here, you can experience exhilarating airboat rides and create memorable moments with your family and friends. Our tours are designed to astound and amaze our visitors as we take them to the wildlife in the Everglades.

All of our guides and captains know their way through the Everglades, and they can even share you a thing or two about this wonderful place. That’s why you can always feel safe when you’re aboard our airboats: with our captain’s expertise in traversing through the Everglades, they always know where they’re going. You can’t ask for more when it comes to airboat rides.

Not only that, but we’re actually close to different establishments that can cater to your needs. Need a Gas Station, Subway Sandwiches, or Gift Shop Souvenirs from Florida?

Jungle Erv’s Everglades City – Tour Package Complex also includes another establishment for your traveling convenience:

Everglades Marathon Station – (239) 695-3340

(Located at 31990 E Tamiami Trail, Everglades City, FL 34139)

  • Marathon Gasoline Station
  • Convenience Store
  • Take-Out Restaurant at Subways

With these amenities near the area, you no longer need to worry about your different needs. All you need to think about is the exciting day you’re about to have with us at Jungle Erv’s!

Nothing really beats the original, so experience the original airboat tours in the Florida Everglades here at Jungle Erv’s! Hope you have a wonderful visit to the Everglades!

Jungle Erv’s Everglades Airboat Tours has been recognized by TripAdvisor with a Certificate of Excellence in 2015. Our boat tours depart daily, and we’re open from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. You can get your tickets for our airboat tours at 804 Collier Ave., Everglades City. Check our website every now and then to see the latest coupons and special offers for our exciting airboat tours.

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