Experience the REAL Florida Everglades
on an Amazing Airboat Tour!

An AirBoat Ride – The Experience Of A Lifetime

See the Everglades and Wildlife from an airboat with Jungle Er’vs Everglades Airboat Tours!
Jungle Erv’s Airboat is one of the original airboat tours in the Florida Everglades. Jungle Erv’s family dates back to the 1800s. The family grave site on the island of Fakahatchee is maintained by the national park.

When Jungle Erv was lad, his dad hunted gator. This provided money and food for the family. His mother traded with the native indians for the deer meat.

Jungle Erv was the only child in first grade. He attended the one room school house on the island of Chokoloskee.


Jungle Erv’s Wilderness Ride:
The wilderness ride offers you an opportunity to go only where Jungle Erv’s airboats can penetrate the Everglades. Please do not let wildlife be your only factor for an airboat ride. The guides do everything they can to find you find alligators, birds and to educate you about the Everglades.

Jungle Erv’s Mangrove Canopy Ride or Tunnel Rides:
The mangrove canopy tour will take you deep into the Florida Everglades. Our captains grew up with the alligators and they are some of the best guides in the Everglades.

All tickets include Jungle Erv’s Boardwalk and Alligator Exhibit. The alligator exhibit has several live alligators for your viewing. The boardwalk was built in l984 by Jungle Erv’s and the Seminole Indians.

Hope you have a wonderful visit to the Everglades!