Prepare a Checklist of What to Bring Along on Everglades Airboat Rides

Without a doubt, the Everglades National Park in Florida is a lot of fun to explore. It offers a little bit of everything for the whole family: bird watching, fishing, paddling its channels, and seeing alligators.

An effective way to see the Everglades up close is to take your family out on one of the many Everglades airboat rides. If you go by airboat, you need to make this awesome experience as comfortable as possible by creating a simple checklist of what to pack for the ride.

What to Bring Along for the Family to Enjoy Everglades Airboat Rides

Bring some hats and sunglasses

You are likely to encounter little shade throughout your tour. You will be exploring a flat expanse of prairie wetland, an ecosystem void of tall trees and foliage that offer protection from the sun.

To keep yourself shaded at all times, it is best to wear a hat. Don’t forget to pack them for your children, too. For added protection from ultraviolet rays, bring sunglasses for the entire family. To keep you and your bunch a bit cooler, consider bringing one or two battery operated fans that can be held in hand.

The main goal in such an environment is to keep you and your family comfortable, cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Wear long sleeves and even some light, long pants

Aside from wearing a hat, along with your sunglasses, consider wearing a shirt with long sleeves for your boat ride. Your arms will then be better protected from the sun. At the same time, consider wearing a pair of long pants to keep your legs from direct sunrays. Additionally, make sure your clothes are loose and not constraining to avoid discomfort while you view the Everglades’ wonders and move around on the boat.

Wear your sunscreen

Protection of your skin is vital whenever riding an airboat through the Everglades. Prolonged exposure to the sun can dry out and burn the skin, resulting in blemishes. Avoid such damage by regularly applying sunscreen. If possible, opt for waterproof sunscreen, for you are likely to be sprayed from the boat’s wake.

Don’t forget to take along some water

During your ride, it is important to stay hydrated, especially because of the dehydration sun exposure can bring. Pack a bottle of water for everyone in the family and encourage everyone to drink it regularly.

Pack some snacks

Your family may not be allowed to snack while boating the Everglades, but it helps to have snacks in your bag to eat the moment you get to your car or a visitors center. Prepare a healthy, tasty trail mix or even some homemade, high-fiber cereal bars. You can also make some healthy wraps or sandwiches.

Bug spray: don’t leave home without it

Since you will not only be outdoors, but in a very moist environment, it helps to carry bug repellent along to keep from being bit or stung by the plentiful insect life in the glades. If you have forgotten it, you can find it at the park’s visitor center.

Include a poncho or umbrella

There are some months of the year when it tends to rain in the Everglades. During such seasons, bring ponchos or umbrellas. You know then that you’re ready for just about anything.

Include all of these items on your checklist to make sure your family enjoys your Everglades adventure. If you do, you and your gang may even want to take a couple more Everglades airboat rides.


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