Explore the Florida Wilderness with the Best Everglades Airboat Rides


There’s more to Florida than just its hot and happening clubs and fantastic amusement parks. We locals are ever so proud of our natural beauties such as the Florida Everglades. Famous for its coastal mangroves and sawgrass marshes, the Everglades is home to hundreds of interesting animal species, including endangered wildlife such as the Florida panther, West Indian manatee, and the leatherback turtle.

If you want to embark on a tour that lets you see these amazing sights, you can always turn to Jungle Erv’s Everglades Airboat Tours! Here, you can marvel at the sight of Florida’s rich flora and fauna while aboard an airboat. Nothing beats the experience of climbing aboard an airboat and see the Everglades up close!

We at Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours want you to have the most memorable of experiences when you come visit our warm and friendly state, that’s why we offer Everglades airboat rides to show you around. From the vast Everglades wilderness to mangrove canopy, or even the tunnels, we have different kinds of tours on the ready for your entertainment.

Large Group Tours

If you want to experience airboat rides in Everglades City with your family or large group of friends, we recommend that you take our 1-hour Family airboat tours good for 7 to 12 people. Here, you can enjoy the sights and learn more about the everglades and the animal in it comfortably with your group. This particular tour also includes more sightseeing at the picturesque Everglades Tour, as well as a visit to the Live Gator Show and Exhibit.

For a smaller sized group, there are also various options, ranging from 1 to 2-hour tours that can take you either to the everglades only or to the mangroves. Of course, we also have tours that bundle these activities into one neat package.

For example, our 2-Hour Airboat Tour takes you on the Wilderness Tour for an hour, and then through the Mangrove Tunnels and the 10,000 Islands for another hour. On top of that, you will also get to enjoy the Everglades Tour as well as the Live Gator Show and Exhibit.

If you’re in a bit of a rush, however, and your schedule is tight, there’s still no need to worry because we also have something prepared for you. We don’t want you to miss out on this chance to see even a bit of the Everglades, so we’ve set up a 30-Minute Wilderness Airboat Tour.

It may be shorter in duration but it would still take you around the wilderness route of our tours, as well as the Everglades Tour and the Live Gator Show and Exhibit.

Whether you’re backpacking Florida by yourself or with an entire entourage of family and friends, or whether if you’re just quickly passing through or if you’re staying a bit longer, you can trust us to give you an Everglades City airboat tours experience you won’t soon forget.

Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours is one of the original airboat tours in the Florida Everglades, and has been recognized with a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. Don’t hesitate to leave us a message at our Contact page should you have questions about our tours, or reach us through 1-877-695-2820 (toll-free). We can’t wait to see you soon!