Sights Not to Miss While Partaking in Family-Friendly Everglades Boat Tours

By Jungle Erv December 28, 2016

The Everglades brims with amazing natural wonders to explore. It’s a big area, after all, and there is a lot to discover. It is simply the perfect place to visit when seeking a memorable adventure for the entire family. There’s something to experience and see in every nook and cranny.

One of the best ways to explore the Everglades is by embarking on one of the famous Everglades boat tours. This is especially true in airboats, which are capable gliding over water as well as some interesting marshlands. An airboat can take you just about anywhere in the Everglades you choose to explore. In fact, you may just be persuaded to go on such a tour by scanning the following list of some of the Everglades’ sights, ones you and your family should not miss on your adventurous boat ride.

10,000 Islands

Located in the southernmost part of Florida, the Everglades serves home to 10,000 Islands, most of these being tiny landforms and some being mangrove swamps. In fact, the Everglades happen to be home to the largest mangrove forest in all of North America.

You and your family will enjoy exploring the various marine species that thrive in the glades, a habitat hosting countless nursery grounds in its shallows. The islands are best toured with the help of a guide, however, because they are massive and difficult to navigate on your own. Indeed, shallows abound throughout the thousands of Islands, calling for skillful navigation to keep your boat from running aground.

Mangrove Tunnels

The mangrove tunnels of the Everglades are like a series of interconnected, flowing, tidal creeks and sinuous lakes. Dense and prolific mangrove growth has contributed to the formation of this maze of tunnels. By exploring them you will soon discover some of the Everglades’ famous creatures, including alligators, spoonbills, otters, wood storks, ducks, stilts, herons, and egrets, among many others. You may end up spotting schools of intriguing and beautiful fishes, too. Take time to explore the tunnels as your guide can lead you to some hot spots for finding favorite animals of the Everglades.

Live Gator Exhibit

Experience what it is like to be up close and personal with numerous alligators during your water-bound adventure through the Everglades. Witness how powerful these reptiles can be and watch them show off a little during the live gator show. After all, what is a trip to the Everglades if you do not get to encounter some of its famous alligators? Be sure your camera is ready to capture all the action and excitement.

Everglades City Boardwalk

The Everglades City Boardwalk, built in 1984, proudly displays some intricately designed chikee huts originally built by Indians. Following the boardwalk is a great way to tour around this massive mangrove forest on foot before or after your boat ride. During your hike, you can discover a number of beautiful botanical species along the way. It is advisable to look around and away from the boardwalk from time to time. By doing so you might just see some of the homegrown creatures here: local birds, manatees, and the black mangrove tree crab to name a few.

Overall, the best way to enjoy the Everglades is via a boat tour with your family. In fact, there are tours available that have especially been developed with groups of 7-12 people in mind. You can tour together and capture video or photo images of your most memorable vacation ever.

It is never too late to plan a boat safari through the Everglades. Inquire through a tour company about Everglades boat tours to gain more information.


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