What Can You Do on a Vacation to Everglades?

By Ed May 18, 2019

A west indian manatee floats underwater in the Florida Everglades

If you are planning to go on a vacation to South Florida, the Everglades happen to be one attraction that you should not miss for anything. This is an amazing natural ecosystem in Florida, and is an attraction that you must see. When you are in Miami or anywhere near that spot, you need to drive for around 35 miles to the south west and drop by to see this wonderful natural resource. You can easily access the Everglades. Find out what you can do on a vacation here.

Camping and Hiking

The Everglades National Park is a dream spot to hike and set up camps in, when you are outdoors. This park is spread over miles of land, and has fantastic natural habitats. You can find a camping ground at the end of the road of this park, and see lots of natural stuffs, plants and wildlife. There are many observation points and hiking trails in this park.

Airboat Tours

There are plenty of things in the Everglades, which include airboat tours. This is the best way for you to experience the tropical wetlands of Florida. You can tour the Everglades and enjoy all its amazing glories by opting for any of the boat tour packages available for the spot.

Tram Tours

You can also try riding the Shark Valley Trams in the Everglades in Florida. The Shark Valley is situated on the park’s northern border. This is an amazing spot, and there are many wildlife specimens to enjoy during a drive to this park. The tram tours span 2 hours, and the guides stop the trams when there are any interesting creatures in sight.

Boat tours

You may go on boat tours either as a participant or as a passenger. You can try going on a motor boat as a passenger or go on eco tours as a participant in kayaks or canoes that have 1 – 6 people. You can paddle around the Glades, accompanied by a guide, and discover the whole area in a more personal way and from up-front.
You can stay in any of the wonderful accommodations in the Everglades City, including Captain’s Table Lodge and Everglades City Motel that have nice rooms and amenities to offer. There are wonderful eateries where you can have amazing dishes while staying in the place, such as Krispy Krunchy Chicken. There are many amazing attractions to enjoy here.


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